Ruta dos Miradoiros

– Saturday, October 18th, 2014 –

Second half of October was pretty warm in Galicia. So I extended the cycling season a little bit with 2 wonderful and very recommended routes, either by bike or by car. The first one is the Ruta dos Miradoiros (“lookouts”) in the North West corner of Galicia and described in this post. The second one can be read under Costa da Morte (Muxía – Muxía).

Here’s the map and profile for the current route:

Route 2,829,692 – powered by


I leave the car in Valdoviño. During the first kms until Cedeira, no big slopes. Road travels parallel to the coast and partly under the shadow of forests. Once in Cedeira, the signs to head Teixido are easy to be found. Soon the slopes and some hairpins appear. You gain altitude pretty quick. A Canadian pass informs about the Serra da Capelada park. Also, a big sign enumerates the different lookouts of the route (see below the 1st picture of the gallery). It’s worth it to stop in these lookouts and contemplate the cliffs and landscape.

It’s also recommended to go to Teixido. This village is a site of pilgrimage. Do not stop in the pedestrian area entry and take a walk along its stony and steep streets until the sanctuary. I rest a little, take some photos and go back to the main road. From Teixido to Garita de Herbeira (highest cliff in the continental Europe) the slopes are considerable. Forest changes by open field and wind mills announces you are reaching the top. Views from the Garita balcony are spectacular. However in my opinion, I consider other overlooks, as Chao do Monte, provides a richer landscape.

Take precaution during the first part of the downhill, wind and high negative slopes can be tricky. I continue the route by visiting the Limo overlook, where a panoramic view of Cariño can be observed. Reach Cape Ortegal is very rewarding for my mood. My strengths started to enter in minimum levels. The cliff sights are great.

The return way I select maybe isn’t as spectacular as the route until Cape Ortegal. Anyway, I also enjoy the second part of the stage. Cerdido area has its charm if you like countryside and Valdoviño overview from the top is the icing on the cake.

In the following I put the photo gallery, which summarizes well the route:

Miradoiros - I.Marote Chao do Monte - I.Marote Chao do Monte - I.Marote Teixido - I.Marote Teixido - I.Marote Teixido - I.Marote Garita de Herbeira - I.Marote Garita de Herbeira - I.Marote Garita de Herbeira - I.Marote Mirador do Limo - I.Marote Mirador do Limo - I.Marote Cape Ortegal - I.Marote Cape Ortegal - I.Marote Cariño - I.Marote Pig family - I.Marote Valdoviño - I.Marote Valdoviño - I.Marote Valdoviño - I.Marote


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