Costa da Morte (Muxía – Muxía)

– Saturday, October 25th, 2014 –

Last “big” stage of 2014, visiting places as Muxía, Fisterra or Ézaro. With some many beautiful sites in Galicia, it’s very easy to plan routes :) .

I was really thrilled about this stage. It combined places from Costa da Morte I’ve never visited, and the challenging climb of Ézaro, with its steep slopes close to the 30%. The weather forecast was good: sunny and moderate temperatures. So everything was aligned to be a great day.


Below is the map and stage profile:

Route 2,836,198 – powered by


After several photos and a short walk around the Sanctuary Virxe da Barca of Muxía, I start to cycle around 9:30 AM. I leave the village with its beautiful beach on my right. The road is a constant up and down. Short ups, but pretty steep. Landscape is great.

My goal is to cycle the closest as possible to the sea. This includes in the first part of the route to reach the lighthouse of Touriñán.

Specially beautiful is the Nemiña beach. I see several surfers with their caravan. Nice way to spend the weekend. I cycle over a short sterrato section in good conditions (it’s great to not forget some summer routes :) )

Stage continues along narrow roads and small villages. Traffic is practically inexistent. Once in Fisterra, this changes considerably. Lots of tourists, either in cars or buses aim to reach the lighthouse area. Also, I see many pilgrims. Sea is calm and totally flat. I’ve done 50 km.

From here, speed is slower. Maybe, reserving strengths for Ézaro… I pass Corcubión and Cee, 4-5 kms of steady slope and downhill to start the vertical wall. Less than 2 kms of climb but the slopes are brutal. When I observe the stripped cement, I foresee the 30% ramp is coming. Thanks to the 34×29 I don’t have big problems to pass it. Besides, the pavement is dry. The views at the top are a reward.

Still 40 kms to get Muxía again but no big slopes or difficulties. This last section is not as beautiful as until Ézaro.

Take a look to the photo gallery:

Muxía - I.Marote Muxía - I.Marote Muxía - I.Marote Touriñán - I.Marote Nemiña - I.Marote Nemiña - I.Marote Fisterra - I.Marote Fisterra - I.Marote Ézaro - I.Marote Muxía - I.Marote Muxía - I.Marote

2014 brief summary

Having in stand by the running events during 2014, this year was very attractive and productive for cycling. I completed around 2500 km. This figure can be for sure irrelevant for regular cyclists, but for me was great and I’m happy with that. On top of the achievements, I place the Leon all Borders project. Its concept, careful design and the execution itself were very important.

For 2015, I set two goals: finish the project (stages 6, 8 and 10) and do some trip to climb and visit new cols :)

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