Leon all Borders – Presentation

In the last months, I’ve been evolving an idea related to the mountain passes which surround the province of León. I rode several times over passes of the north-west zone (Puerto de Ancares, Valdeprado or Cerredo). But never through many others. Moreover, I’ve hardly visited some places which have an special natural beauty,  such as Picos de Europa National Park.

Thus, what better opportunity to join passes and great mountain landscapes at the same time. Here’s where Leon all Borders was born.

As its name suggests, the purpose of this project is to cycle the mountain passes which connect León to other regions. From Puerto de San Glorio (León-Cantabria border) to Alto del Peñón (León-Zamora border). As I’ll use a road bike, and there are passes which sterrato conditions are pretty bad, some passes are excluded from the current scope (maybe in the future years and with an MTB).

In the following table, you can check the stages I have in mind:

Stage Start
Length [km]
(Google Maps)
  Passes Map link
1 Riaño
Soto de Cangas
133 Puerto de San Glorio
2 Soto de Cangas
140 Lagos de Covadonga
Puerto del Pontón
Puerto de Panderrueda
Puerto de Pandetrave
3 Puebla de Lillo 121 Puerto de San Isidro
La Colladona
Puerto de Tarna-Señales
4 Moreda (Asturias) 131 Puerto de Vegarada??
Collada de Cármenes
Puerto de Pajares
5 San Emiliano 109 Alto de la Cubilla
6 San Emiliano 81.5 La Farrapona
Puerto de Somiedo
7 Caboalles de Abajo 161 Puerto de Leitariegos
Puerto del Connio
Collado (Busante)
Campa del Tormaleo
Alto del Campillo
Puerto de Cerredo
8 Valle de Finolledo 160 Puerto de Valdeprado
Pan do Zarco
Alto de la Cruz
Alto San Bartolo
9 Ambasmestas 141  Alto del Portelo
Alto del Cebreiro
Alto do Couto (Visuña)
10 Puente Domingo Flórez 176 Fonte da Cova
Faeda?? (*Note)
Alto del Peñón
Alto del Carbajal
Las Gobernadas

You’re right, one common point in all stages, except for the 1st and 2nd, is that they follow a circular path. This fact will help in the logistics, as no additional car to pick-up at the end of the stage will be needed.

It’s also important to hightlight that these stages are open to suffer some modification: vary the start-end point to reduce the car travels or not climb some passes which currently are inside the project. On this latter point, I have my concerns with Puerto de Vegarada (via Río Aller) and Faeda (via La Baña). A priori, both passes are recommended for MTB instead road bike.

After ride each stage, I’ll put my thoughts, some pictures and the overall stage profile. As I don’t have specific tools to measure the gradients, I don’t have the intention to create a detailed profile for each pass. This job is already done, and very good by the way, in several well-known websites, such as - APM – Altimetrías de Puertos de Montaña  and  39×28 Altimetrías

Finally, if you desire to leave your comment about a better stage design suggestion or your thoughts about the project, thanks a lot (por supuesto, si prefieres en español, perfecto!!)

This weekend, fun starts with the first 2 stages. I’ll keep you informed… May the force be with me :)


(*Note) Update October, 10th 2015 => Puerto del Faeda has been discarted due to gravel road conditions. Then, original design including also Puerto de las Gobernadas has been modified. Check post Leon all Borders – Stage 10 for further information.


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