Alten for Technicolor

Position: Customer STB Integration & Validation Engineer
Period: May 2013 – present

Currently, I’m working for Technicolor in a cable set-top-box (STB) project. This platform allows operators to deploy a complete, mass market HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) coupled with high-speed internet access on their cable network. Click here to know more details about Technicolor’s cable STBs.

This STB is been used by R, a Galician operator which offers quad-play services, to provide its customers with HD cable TV and other media features.

About Alten (Source:
ALTEN, the European leader in engineering and technology consulting, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and IT systems. Its 14,100 top engineers carry out studies and conception projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.

Alten’s key services are: Engineering and Technology Consultancy; Networks, Telecoms and Multimedia; and Information Systems.


About Technicolor (Source:
Technicolor is home to industry-leading creative and technology professionals committed to the creation, management and delivery of entertainment content to consumers around the world. Propelled by a culture of innovation and underpinned by a dedicated research organization, the company’s thriving licensing business possesses an extensive intellectual property portfolio focused on imaging and sound technologies. Serving motion picture, television, and other media clients, the company is a leading provider of high-end visual effects, animation, and post-production services. In support of network service providers and broadcasters globally, Technicolor ranks among the world leading suppliers of digital content delivery services and home access devices, including set-top-boxes and gateways. The company also remains a large physical media service provider, being one of the world’s largest film processors and independent manufacturers and distributors of DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Technicolor’s business branch which STB platforms are linked is Connected Home Division. Discover more about it under this link.