Telecommunication engineer &

Digital TV specialist

Hello! My name is Ivan Marote and I'm telecommunication
engineer. In the last years I've been working mainly with
Digital TV technologies and DVB standards.

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About ME

Telecommunication engineer with a thorough knowledge in digital TV and DVB standards.

Currently, working as freelance with set-top-box platforms.
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My Values

Loyalty, sincerity and work ethic are values well established in my personality.

This is something I can be proud.

Not only work

I love outdoor activities. In this website you can follow some experiences regarding my favorite sports: cycling and running.

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Welcome to my Website!

On this site you’ll find information about my bio, works and sport projects. Hope you like it!

The main purpose of creating this website is to introduce myself.

On the one hand, the site gathers data about my education and different works. The skill bars can give you a good summary about my professional abilities.

On the other hand, I’d also like to share with you some ideas about my favorite sports: cycling and running. For this purpose, I’ll use the blog section.

I chose English as main language. However, feel free to leave your comment in Spanish or any other language. Every opinion will be well received.

My Skills

QA set-top-box (DVB/ITPV/OTT) – 90%

Interface between Customer – R&D/CTS departments  – 85%

DVB standards and physical layer comprehension – 85%

Scripting, C & Matlab programming - 75%

Digital Communications & Signal Processing – 70%

My Companies